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Real Estate Speakers Set to Convene for 2023 ‘The Family’ Event

The world’s top real estate investing educators are set to convene for The Family’s March mastermind event this year in Tampa, Florida.

During the event, members of The Family community, who make a living by teaching others how to become successful real estate investors, will meet up for three days to share their knowledge, learn from each other, and collaborate to achieve more and have a greater impact in the world.

Matt Andrews, the community’s founder, says “I live by the principle, ‘Invest in people, not things,’ which is why I created this group in the first place. Everything I’ve achieved in life came from the power of collaboration, so I wanted to give back to the real estate industry by providing an environment where other professionals can meet the likeminded people, learn what works in the real estate industry today, and find collaboration partners.”

In previous years, keynote speakers have included prominent real estate experts like Frank McKinney, Dr. David Phelps, and Robert Matthew Van Winkle, better known as Vanilla Ice, who shared the stories of their journeys in the real estate industry. In addition to a keynote speaker, numerous other experts take the stage at each event to share powerful knowledge on topics like operations, marketing, investing, sales, and others, that fellow members can implement in their own businesses.

Vanilla Ice speaking at The Family and real estate

This year’s event will emphasize strategies and tactics that will help real estate entrepreneurs thrive through the coming economic challenges being driven by inflation, supply chain issues, tightening credit markets, and other factors.

“Being an entrepreneur is going to get a lot more difficult really soon, and I don’t think  most people are prepared right now. We got a little glimpse into what can happen, when the world as we know it gets turned upside down, during the pandemic, but when things eventually went back to normal, what ever that means today, most went back to business as usual. Unfortunately, we’re facing a proverbial perfect storm of factors that are going to create a level of adversity that we haven’t seen in our lifetime,” explains Andrews.


Andrews says he always has his finger on the pulse of the industry so he can provide members the information, connections, and resources they need to adapt and continue to thrive.

Christina Krause, who has been a member since the group was founded, says she’s looking forward to attending because of the clarity it helps her to find in her own business.

“Being in a room full of incredible minds who run businesses similar to your own not only helps you to resolve difficult internal issues, it also prepares you for the things you haven’t even thought about yet,” said Krause.

Christina Krause speaking at The Family about real estate

Members say it’s not just about the knowledge shared from stage, though. That’s only scratching the surface—the biggest value is in the relationships that come out of the group.

“There is so much high level content shared at these events, but for me, it’s more about the people in the room, Where else can you can you go and find the best people in the industry intentionally gathering to help each other?” said Brett McCollum, who was recently invited to the group. He says the value that comes from the collaboration between members is both incalculable and life changing.